Welcome to the shaping experience blog!

Hello and welcome to our Mindful Training blog: Shaping Experience!

This is where you get a deeper, intimate look at our Mindful Training perspective.

We learn a lot from working with dogs and their families and it truly leaves an impact on our lives.

Do you want your dog to respond to their name? Come when called? Know how to sit and stay? Or how to properly walk on a leash? Maybe they experience leash frustration and they lunge and bark at dogs while you walk them. All of these needs are officially addressed with training.

A common misbelief with training is that needing training or seeking it means something is “wrong” with your dog. It’s similar to the stigma of mental health and needing therapy. Integrating training is a means to provide enrichment and clear communication for you and your dog. When we train we are present, observing, and engaging with the dog and you as the pet parent. We help facilitate clear communication with basic obedience commands. With these simple processes, we teach you how to shape your dog’s behavior and manage their energy. As a result our practice naturally shapes and enhances the experience of everyone involved.

We do not incorporate shock collars, E-collars, punishment, dominance, or negative reinforcement of any kind. Instead, we practice interrupting the dog’s undesirable behavior and redirecting them to perform a task.

Two important elements of training are:

  • Clarity

  • Consistency

We enjoy the satisfaction of the process and make training fun. We use whatever motivates the dog. That could be some yummy nibbles of food like a hotdog, cheese, or fruit. We can also use their favorite toy or give them affection with a chest rub.

Our goal at Mindful Training is to teach you how to become your own dog trainer. We equip you with the tools, processes, and practice to shape your dog’s behavior toward responsiveness.