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Training sessions

Training Session: $70

A training session lasts 40min with daily notes sent in the evening.

  • The training session consists of you, your dog, and your mindful trainer. This is the very best way for you to learn training and to ask questions.


Training Packages

Package 1: $260 for 4 training sessions.

Package 2: $480 for 8 training sessions.

Package 3: $660 for 12 training sessions.

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training walks

Single Training Walk: $30

  • Training walks last for 40 min and includes shortened daily notes.

  • The training walk is a private training service where your mindful trainer practices the basic obedience commands: Heel, Look, and Sit/Stay with your dog.




“We’ve been using Mindful Training for over 6 months for our lab, Callie. They give us great recommendations on products to help instill good behavior and I really like the detailed recap emails after sessions. I can refer to them whenever I’m in need.”

— gary

“Joshua was a pleasure to work with! He is very knowledgeable and personable. I really enjoy the mindfulness aspect in his training methods, I have never seen another trainer who markets mindfulness! It plays very well in maintaining a positive and calm attitude while working through behavioral problems…

…Finally, the training packages offered are very reasonably priced and you get a lot for what you pay- as long as you consistently utilize/work on the tools and methods provided outside of training sessions. My dog’s reactivity felt hopeless until Josh was able to step in and help! I will definitely be booking future sessions as needed!”


“We have been working with Joshua at Mindful Training for a couple of months and have been very happy with the results so far. As my husband said, “we have the best trainer in the world!”

We love the positive mindful approach that Joshua takes with our dog Igloo. He simplifies training in a way that feels approachable and sustainable over time. Joshua breaks down and improves Igloo’s behaviors (in what feels like minutes) that we have been struggling with for a while.

We highly recommend Joshua and Mindful Training!”


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