Product Recommendations


An excellent short leash useful for every training circumstance aside from Recall.

Long Line

Necessary product for teaching and practicing recall. Found at nearly every major pet retailer.


An excellent training tool for the handler to work on “free shaping”, and to give a distinct means to give affirmations for completed commands.


Training tools


Easy Walk harness, By PetSafe

Great front clipping harness domestic walking and training. The front clip helps reduce 40% of muscle work for shaping, compared to a back clipping harness.

Gentle Leader, by petsafe

Great front clipping face-harness used for domestic walking and training. The GL helps reduce 80% of muscle work for shaping, compared to a front clipping harness. Cannot be used for flat-faced dogs (pugs, bulldogs). Excellent for dogs who: are over 50 lbs, pick up objects off of the ground, pull.

Slip lead

Useful collar/leash combo for quick indoor training.

Treat pouch, by PetSafe

Used for holding treats, a toy, and other items for training sessions and walks.

Reusable ziplock, by stasher

Great ziplock that is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and 100% reusable. Great for holding treats without using single-use plastic bags.


Great tool for managing your dog when left alone. Since dogs are den animals, remaining confined in a small and secure enclosure is the best means of setting them up for success in terms of energy management. Wired crates are convenient for storage purposes, but the individual crate type is best determined by the needs of the family (airline for travel, wired for at home).

Crate training is appropriate for:

A.) Separation anxiety

B.) Housebreaking



An excellent tool to help ensure the safety of your dog and others around them. Helpful to have trained for your veterinarian, groomer, and family members.


Lifestyle & Life Stage Equipment

Primal Dog Food

Our recommendation for dog & cat food. They are freeze-dried nuggets, which ought to be broken up and have water added to them before serving. Primal uses a biologically appropriate formula for dogs.

Notes for transitioning dog food:

Whenever you switch from one food to another, be sure to give the dog a 5 day transition period. The switch can be done with the following chart: 

Day 1: 20% new food, 80% old. 

Day 2: 40% new, 60% old. 

Day 3: 60% new, 40% old. 

Day 4: 80% new, 20% old. 

Day 5: 100% new. 

rescue remedy

Great product to help reduce situational anxiety in dogs & cats. Useful for thunderstorms, fireworks, and long-distance travel by ground, air, and sea.

Comfort Zone

A product that releases a pheromone to calm dogs. Used like a glade plug-in.

Nature’s Miracle

Effective enzymatic cleaner for doggy accidents.

PetSafe CareLift Handicapped Support Dog Harness

A harness designed to aid in the lifting and supporting of: disabled, recovering, and senior dogs. This aids in helping us give more support for our dogs when walking, and using the restroom. This can also be helpful by getting our dog’s over 50lbs into our vehicles in an emergency situation. 

Pet Loader Folding Dog Stairs

A folding set of doggy stairs aimed at providing an easy means for our dogs to enter our vehicle.



Kwik Stop

This product is used to stop bleeding quick’s when clipping your dog’s nails. It’s fast-acting and has a long shelf life.

tools to manage undesirable behaviors


Pet Corrector

This product is traditionally used to interrupt undesirable behaviors. However, we almost exclusively use this product for deterring other off-leash dogs from approaching (in a leashed-only environment), approaching wild animals, and to interrupt dog flights.

Bitter Apple

A useful product to deter destructive chewing on furniture, training equipment, and other inanimate objects. Be sure to follow product instructions for testing products before fully applying. This product does not work for 100% of dogs but is a good product to try out.

Pet gate

Used for dividing home spaces. Helpful for limiting your dog’s access to areas of your home/apt.


Clawguard scratch shield

An excellent tool to mitigate doorway-related scratching from dogs and cats.

Safety fence lining

Used with Safety fence iron beams to mitigate fence reactivity.

Safety fence iron beams

Used with Safety fence lining to mitigate fence reactivity, and sectioning off areas of your backyard to ensure your dog’s safety (or the safety of your growing flower bed!).



Kong wobbler

A great occupation toy! Can be filled with PB and other treats. We recommend filling up the kong, freezing it, and then offering it to your dog.  

JW iSqueak Ball

An excellent squeaky ball that can be used for fetch or drop.

Kong squeaky ball

A durable squeaky ball.

Slow feeder

Excellent product to slow down impatient eaters, and dogs who are gassy. Dogs usually become gassy when they quickly eat their food bowls and all the air around the kibble!

Snuffle Mat

Great puzzle and occupation game for dogs. Used to encourage sniffing and searching. Great for a rainy day outside.

Knotted Rope Toy

Great product to use to play tug of war with our dog. This is most appropriately played by the handler inviting the dog to play the game, and end the game with “Drop It”. This way the game ends and begins on the terms of the person.

Play pen

A useful tool for allowing our dogs some room to play in, but mitigates their play within a confined boundary. It is also indoor/outdoor.

Cheese bone

An excellent and durable chew toy.

Kiddie pool

A great way to keep your dog cool in the summer. Can also double as a sand/soil pit to hide your dog’s favorite toys so that they have an approved digging spot in the yard, and can find their buried treasure!

Agility kit

An excellent tool to use to begin agility training, as well as burning off extra energy!

Dog Fountain Water Fountain

A fun occupational toy for your dog.

Dog trAINING book recommendations


Feisty Fido

Great book that gives an introductory look on leash reactivity and reactivity in general with dogs. This read is short and informative.

The Cautious Canine

Great book on understanding and learning how to support fearful dogs.

Turning fierce dogs friendly

An excellent book that is digestible to pet parents, trainers and behaviorists alike. It provides a clear method for teaching reactive dogs to choose to be calmer to an otherwise threatening stimulus.

When Pigs Fly!: Training Success with Impossible Dogs

An excellent book detailing the process of “free shaping”, teaching dogs how want to work!

mINDFUL book recommendations


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The greatest single text of Yoga.

A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

Excellent  book written by Sadhguru, the main influencer of Mindful Training, discussing how to live a joyful life.

Tao Te Ching

An excellent book that provides insight to maintaining balance and perspective in all situations.

The Pocket Pema Chodron

Excellent  book written by Pema Chodron, written in short stories and bite sized nuggets of wisdom on the Buddhist principles and the foundations of meditation and mindfulness.